There have never been more things to be distracted by. It seems that wherever we go content is constantly incoming, grabbing our attention, filling space and sweeping us up in a current of forward moving momentum. Just think about how many times have you felt a pang of guilt for not being productive enough? The pace of modern living, especially in the city, doesn’t encourage time for rest, to just be in our bodies, connected to our breath, but we need this so badly to stay grounded and level.

Yoga is hard to articulate as it means different things to different people but on a really simple level it’s a practise of stepping off that 100mph train to foster awareness and create calm. Our bodies and breath provide the perfect gateway to the here and now because feeling and sensation is something we can only truly experience in the moment, they ground us and draw our attention in.

As well as cultivating a deeper connection to self, mindful movement has so many physical benefits. Motion is lotion and has an oiling affect on our joints, muscles and fascia. Moving with awareness in lots of different ways helps to release tension and stress caused by holding patterns that get embedded in our bodies from always doing the same things, sitting, looking at screens, moving forward and back.

The saying ‘use it or lose it’ is true. If we don’t move our bodies in all different directions and build on our strength and stability we’ll lose the ability to move with ease. Having these qualities in greater abundance make our bodies much more enjoyable places to live, thus affecting our whole experience of the world. If we’re constantly stressed, anxious, in pain and in bad physical health, our entire experience of life is affected. This is why yoga can be such a transformational practise.

I can’t say what Yoga will do for you but for me it has become a way of taking ownership of my own healing. From having suffered with anxiety that I experienced daily, I can now say that it’s a visitor rather than a permanent resident. It has enabled me to take power of my own wellbeing and my life has changed dramatically.


I lead a slow paced exploratory practise that encourages a felt experience over an achievement based one. I really believe that our bodies are crying out to be flooded with awareness and moved in all different directions, free of striving and force. I incorporate yoga asana with other movement to gently open the body and encourage greater awareness, strength and functional movement.

So often we give our power away to other people ‘in the know’ but yoga is such a wonderful opportunity to break free from that and let the power come from within. I feel like my role is to hold space for personal discovery and to take the lead rather than to dictate.

Relaxation is a very important part of my classes so I always wind down slowly to a long savasana for greater stillness and sense of calm because lets face it, we need all the rest we can get! 


I am qualified to teach both Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga. I completed my 200hr with YogaLondon and my Restorative training at TriYoga with Anna Ashby. I have taken further anatomy trainings, most recently a 20hr Anatomy and Physiology: Applied to Yoga course with Andrew McGonigle (Dr Yogi).

I'm always seeking further inspiration and knowledge from senior teachers that I respect and admire. I have just completed assisting courses with both Lizzie Reumount and Kristi Rodelli and I regularly assist Anna Ashby's Restorative Yoga classes. In 2016 I participated in 'Liberate & Elevate' a 6 month teacher mentoring programme with Senior teacher Naomi Absalom and in February of this year I completed the master mentorship programme  Naomi facilitated with Ana Muriel's. I am currently enrolled on a 6 month Embodied Anatomy course with Mollie McClelland Morris. 

I also head up Gather & Grow, a yoga teacher community in London which hosts regular teacher meet ups and workshops with guest teachers to foster deeper connection and continued learning. Find out more about G&G here.