After death of my big brother in my early twenties I started going to yoga more regularly. Quite simple it gave me somewhere to go and something to do at a time of complete chaos.

Since those early days, yoga has continued to bring me a sense of peace amidst the chaos. The anxiety I thought was in my DNA has been dramatically reduced and I live a much more contented, vibrant and grateful life. 

For me, yoga creates space. It has honed my ability to be more aware of my body, my breath and my needs. It's also encouraged me to see the wonder of simple joys and what really matters. It isn't about poses, it's about awareness, connection and healing. This is what I get from this practise and this is where i'm coming from when I teach. 


I see my role as a space holder rather than a knower of how to do things correctly. I share what I practise, I invite, suggest and hold a safe space. I don't see the space I hold in classes as being mine to dictate. The space belongs to the people in it. 

Here are some words from people who have been to my class:

"Your class gave me permisssion and encouragement to move (or not to) in anyway that my body wanted to. It broke the mold of a normal ‘yoga’ class. challenging in a good way and with time to drop into my body. I loved it, completely loved it! THANK YOU I feel so much more content with my body after class!" - Helena

'Clare's class is my absolute favourite of the week. She provides a supportive, restorative atmosphere often with relaxing, contemporary music. I always feel safely guided in her classes and extremely relaxed after her long savasanas. Overall, she provides a much needed source of contemplation and calm to my day.' - Liz

'A true authentic teacher, a class with Clare is unlike others. Poses are held long enough to find a safe correct alignment, guided by clear verbal cues allowing space to fully surrender. Sequences are creative, with many variations to suit beginners and more experienced yogis of all ages. She also has the best playlists! Clare is by far my favourite teacher in London and I would highly recommend everyone to experience her magical classes.' - Maria