The aim of my classes is to hold space for people to be in their bodies, to feel, play and experiment with different ways of moving. No judgement, no rules just space for greater presence, connection and freedom.


Spacious, free, slow.

My classes offer a space to carve out a deeper connection to your body through the exploration of, movement, sensation and stillness.

I use sequences that go beyond the lines of traditional yoga poses to tap into more intuitive ways of moving. 

Practising the ability to move slowly is a wonderful antidote to the fast pace of city living; this is why I encourage a ‘take your time’ approach to movement that’s less about getting it done and more about being present with it.

As well as cultivating a sense of calm, moving slowly is also a great way of building bodily awareness, strength and stability.

I'm trained in restorative yoga and am a big advocate for regular supported rest. I often incorporate restorative yoga within my flow classes.

I always leave time for a generous savasana (relaxation).  

What others have said...

"Your class gave me permission and encouragement to move (or not to) in anyway that my body wanted to. It broke the mould of a normal ‘yoga’ class. challenging in a good way and with time to drop into my body. I loved it, completely loved it! THANK YOU I feel so much more content with my body after class!" - Helena

'Clare's class is my absolute favourite of the week. She provides a supportive, restorative atmosphere often with relaxing, contemporary music. I always feel safely guided in her classes and extremely relaxed after her long savasanas. Overall, she provides a much needed source of contemplation and calm to my day.' - Liz

'A true authentic teacher, a class with Clare is unlike others. Poses are held long enough to find a safe correct alignment, guided by clear verbal cues allowing space to fully surrender. Sequences are creative, with many variations to suit beginners and more experienced yogis of all ages. She also has the best playlists! Clare is by far my favourite teacher in London and I would highly recommend everyone to experience her magical classes.' - Maria


About Me

I write, teach yoga and head up Gather & Grow; a community for yoga teachers that I founded in September 2017.

It was grief and anxiety that first got me into yoga. In 2013 my brother died unexpectedly and I didn't know what to do with myself, I felt completely lost and very stressed. Practising yoga gave me something to do and somewhere to go at a time when the rug had been pulled out from beneath me. I noticed that after class I felt calmer and more grounded, so I carried on.

Since then this practise has helped me get to know myself, to understand what I need and want, how to rest, how to act in a conscious way. It has showed me the joy  of living with awareness and without rush. It has taught me how to approach living in a sustainable way.

To me, a conscious and creative life full of  opportunities to stop and smell the roses is a successful one - yoga has without doubt helped me get to this point.