I attended my first yoga class at University and felt instantly drawn in by the group energy of the session. I carried on practicing sporadically for a few years after my first class, but it was after the death of my big brother that yoga become something much bigger in my life. In a time of complete despair Yoga gave me somewhere to go and something to do when all structure had fallen away.

Like many, I initially gravitated to power classes, I loved the challenge of them and how they worked my body. As time went on however things gradually began to shift. Yoga no longer became a workout for me but a practice of listening into my body. Rather than just doing things to it, I started to respond to what I was hearing - the movements I made became a conversation. This was hugely liberating for me, I felt freed of set sequences, the expectations of what I thought I should be doing (and what I thought others thought I should be doing) in my yoga practice. I realised my Yoga practice was only mine. At this point things became slower, more intuitive and tailored to what I felt I needed when I arrived on my mat - sometimes that meant stillness and quite often it meant just rolling around without a traditional yoga posture in sight. 

I see Yoga as a practice of nourishment. When there is forcing, to me, it is no longer Yoga. This is why I feel strongly about sharing a practice that is gentle, accessible and free of strain. It’s important for me to offer intelligent alignment cues without being overly prescriptive in order to give space for individual exploration. 


I am qualified to teach both Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga. I completed my 200hr with YogaLondon and my Restorative training at TriYoga with Anna Ashby. I have taken further anatomy trainings, most recently a 20hr Anatomy and Physiology: Applied to Yoga course with Andrew McGonigle (Dr Yogi).

I'm always seeking further inspiration and knowledge from senior teachers that I respect and admire. I have just completed assisting courses with both Lizzie Reumount and Kristi Rodelli and I regularly assist Anna Ashby's Restorative Yoga classes. In 2016 I participated in 'Liberate & Elevate' a 6 month teacher mentoring programme with Senior teacher Naomi Absalom. In September this year I started Naomi Absalom and Ana Muriel's  master mentoring programme.

I also head up Gather & Grow, a yoga teacher community in London. I organise regular teacher meet ups and workshops with guest teachers to foster deeper connection and continued learning. Find out more about G&G here.