Reclaiming Space

This month I’ve been pondering a lot on the concept of space and how with the constant inflow of content and stimulation that comes with modern life (especially city living), feeling overwhelmed and lacking in mental space is almost the norm.

The thing about space is that it’s ever-present. When you think about it in this way, the process of finding more of it isn’t so much one of searching but one of clearing out.

This realisation made me rethink how I approach carving out more space when things become crowded. Rather than thinking where can I go to escape I've started to wonder what can I get rid of. I wanted to share a few tips that help me reclaim room and a more abundant sense of spaciousness when mental clutter starts to accumulate. 

1.     Write a list - get a pen and paper and write a list of the things that take up room in your mind on a day-to-day basis. Look back over the list and make a plan of action for how you can decrease the space that each takes up. Do that task that you’ve been putting off for weeks or at least figure out why it keeps getting ignored, say no to that commitment that you know is going to exhaust you, relieve yourself of the burden of trying to fix someone who can only fix themselves.

2.     Rest – resting in stillness is an incredibly effective tool for finding space. When we come to rest we are allowing all the things whirling under the surface to settle. Resting is rebooting. Restorative Yoga is excellent for this.  

3.     Go for a walk – they don’t say a walk clears your head for no reason. If you’re feeling full to the brim get outside and walk the build up of clutter off. Chances are things will feel clearer and more spacious upon your return.

4.     Have a media detox – I’m the worst for slumping in front of the TV when I’m tired/putting something off, but I didn’t quite realise how much I was mindlessly consuming it until I decided to try and cut it out for a week. I'm 3 days in and although sort of ashamed at how difficult I've found the last couple of days i'm already feeling the benefits. By completely cutting off one source of content inflow I definitely feel like I have more space. I also found that I've actually got on with some stuff that I had been avoiding, spacious and productive!