what do you love?

Grab a pen or open the notes app in your phone, write ‘I love…’ and see if you can list 20 things underneath it. 
Think about what gives you a sense of pure joy, excitement, pleasure, happiness.
Your list could include activities, occasions, people, objects, places - there are no rules.
If you get stuck stay with it for a moment. Close your eyes feel the weight of your arms, your feet and pelvis, the pen or phone in your hand. Let your shoulder blades shrug a little down your back. Take a slow breath in through your nose and let is release out just as slowly.
Take a few more breaths like this, as though you’re stirring something up with them. 
Open your eyes and go back to your list.
Once you’ve got your 20 sit back and look at them.
See which ones appear regularly in your life, and those that you haven't enjoyed for some time. 
Is there something on your list that you can make room for this weekend?
It’s so easy for us to get swept up in the current of the day-to-day and drift away from the things that inject our lives with the most vibrant colours.

It's amazing how hard it can be to write 20 things that you love. The truth is we all love hundreds of things but they're often at the backs of our minds.

Bringing them to the fore serves as a reminder to move towards them, more often in order to add a bit of pigment back in.