being in a relationship with yourself

I can be loving, kind and forgiving towards myself.
I can also be a first class self-saboteur, wildly critical and frugal with the credit that I give myself.
Like with any relationship, the one I have with myself ebbs and flows. There are highs, dips and everything in between.
I recognise that like any relationship, the one I have with myself requires an investment of time, presence, compassion, honesty and love to remain healthy.
When I notice myself slipping into own worst enemy mode I check to see which one of these qualities are haemorrhaging.

I look for the the gaping hole.

There usually is one. 

We need to offer ourselves time, presence, honesty, compassion and love to stay connected to who we are, to follow our intuition and live a conscious life in full knowledge of our power and worth.

I really believe that. 

To tend, check in and figure out how to move forwards we need to enter into a conversation with ourselves.  
One of the ways I do this is by writing. It gives me an opportunity to reflect and listen. I can make sense of things and get a better understanding of how I feel and why.

It's a way of staying engaged in a dialogue with myself.
It might sound a bit odd, to talk to yourself, but really I think it might just be the sanest thing we can do.
If you want to experiment with writing as a way of getting to know yourself I’m hosting a FREE online journaling circle from 12th – 16th Nov (next week).

Each morning I’ll send a writing prompt using a mix of journalling techniques to everyone in the circle.

So that's 5 days of showing up to write for yourself. 

If you’d like to join in sign up here.