well filling

Self-nourishment is like well filling.
It’s a continual practise of keeping tabs on the water level to avoid a situation where the well runs dry.
Water is life.
Without it we dehydrate, shrivel, tire out.
This is why self-nourishment is so sacred.
But, life is distracting. We have lots of other things calling for our attention that claim to be more important than the care we give to ourselves.
It takes practise to honour self-nourishment – especially if you’ve not always been told / believed that you deserve it.
I see it more of a conversation that a destination.
It’s not about nailing it or failing it.
It’s about staying engaged in a dialogue with yourself – one where you’re a really good listener.

Something that has really helped me stay present in this conversation is knowing what fills my well (journaling, swimming, not always having plans in the evening, alone time, moving, meditating, being by the sea...).

What fills your well?

Try writing a list of all the things that you feel nourished by, that ground you, give you a sense of life being more manageable, more vibrant.
How often do these things appear in your week?

The more time we carve out for rituals that top us up, the more they become embedded in our lives as non-negotiable habits.
Make that yoga class non-negotiable, consider that free Tuesday evening as a date with yourself that is just far too important to double book, leave your desk during your lunch break so that you can sit outside and feel the breeze on your skin. 

You are so worthy of nourishment.