rest is best

On my busier days I always spend at least 10mins lying on the floor with a pillow under my head and a blanket over me - usually before I leave the house to teach my last class of the day.
It’s taken me a long time to realise that getting as much done in the gaps between teaching on those busy days isn’t actually the most productive thing for me to do.
The most productive thing for me to do is to conserve my energy. 
I think we can forget that we aren’t machines.
I also think that many of us hold a lot of guilt around rest.
It’s a funny one really.
What is so bad about acknowledging that there needs to be some non-doing alongside the doing?
Energy isn’t endless.
I used to almost feel embarrassed about admitting that teaching 3 classes a day would leave me feeling exhausted.
Then I took a step back and looked at the bigger picture. 
The one that showed how many miles I’d walk in between those classes and how I was holding space for 20 people at a time.
Rest doesn’t need to be justified to anyone else.
Only we know how we feel.
Only we know what we need.
Taking what you need can feel like an act of rebellion, but my goodness is the cause a worthy one.
How would it feel to see your energy as a precious resource?
Can you appoint yourself the official conservator of your tank of juice?

To get to know what different levels of it feel like, what or who causes it to haemorrhage and what gives it a little boost, besides another cup of coffee (guilty). 
Since I became the official conservator of myself I’ve taken a lot more pride in rest.
I see it’s role, it’s super power and the guilt I felt about taking it has evaporated.
Rest isn’t idle. It’s preservation of strength, energy…life.