alone time

Have you ever noticed that something so crucial to your sense of peace doesn't seem to be a concern for someone else?
I’ve mistaken having different needs to an other as me being is someway more uptight, rigid maybe.
But, in the same way that we have different likes, we will have different needs.
Take alone time for example.
Some people thrive off it, while others are happy keeping it to a minimum.
I’m definitely a member of the ‘alone time is sacred' camp.
I used to feel some guilt around this, wondering why I could be so antisocial.
Then I heard someone describe themselves as an introverted extrovert and I thought 'that's me!'. 
I love people and look forward to spending time with others, but I charge up in my own company.
I reflect on my own, recover on my own, plan on my own, run on my own.

I like that I'm content spending time with myself. 
Saying that, I do sometimes wish I felt more inclined to go to that thing on a Thursday night.
I'm all for pushing myself outside of what's familiar to me and breaking and making habits that bring me closer to my highest self, but I'm also all for acknowledging what makes me, me. 
We each have an essence, a blueprint that maps how we tick.
The older I get the more I am able to trace the lines of this map.

I understand why I want to do this and not that. Why I find that so difficult when I can see someone else finds it so easy.
I would however hate to get stuck in my ways at the ripe old age of 29 though, so I’ll try not to resign to only doing what I know and like just yet.
What I am happy to do is accept and celebrate my quirks and honour the things that feel like a mammoth exhale.  
Yes some things can wait and no it doesn’t really matter if the washing basket overflows but if something makes you feel that little bit more at peace, level, spacious, sane then I say do it, regardless of whether it does the same for someone else.