phone boundaries

I received my first mobile phone on my 13th birthday, almost 17 years ago.

This means i've had a phone in my possession for the whole of my teenage and adult life. 

Recently i've become more aware of how much it seeks my attention, how much it depletes it.  
I find myself checking it for no reason and filling gaps of time with mindless scrolling.
I don’t like it.
I don’t want to be constantly connected to the world and it’s wife.
I don’t need to be privy to a continuous stream of content. 
I want space. 
I want my focus to be on what’s happening in real life, around me. 

It's time to take the power back.
It’s time to rebel against having an electrical extension of myself.
I'm calling in some boundaries. 
Laying boundaries is a bit like parenting yourself.
They’re an incredibly useful tool for self-protection and provide a clear framework for action.
Here's how i'm using them to readdress the balance of power between me and my phone:

  • Use an alarm clock and make my bedroom a phone free zone – I’ve been doing this since Saturday and so far I can see it’s going to be a game-changer.

  • Leave my phone in another room when I’m most likely to mindlessly scroll on social media (for me that’s the evening)

  • Answer emails not as they come in but rather at a specific time of my day / week whilst at on my desk top

  • Be mindful of when I’m reaching for my phone to fill time i.e. public transport, queues and resist the urge to fill these spaces with scrolling 

When we carve out a new habit we’re essentially re-wiring our brains to take a different route.

So, even though it requires some effort at the beginning, with ever attempt we're laying the foundations for lasting change - i'll be reminding myself of this.