working back from how you want to feel

Have you ever felt stuck in the mud of how you’re feeling?

You know those times when the only thing you feel motivated to do is plonk yourself on the sofa and turn on the TV.

So many times I’ve remedied self-doubt, fear and demotivation with a serving of instagram scrolling and a side of a Netflix series I’m not really bothered about.

Guess how I’ve felt afterwards? Not brilliant that’s for sure.

Something I constantly remind myself of is that I have a choice to be my own worst enemy or my own best friend. No one else is more capable at stepping into either of these pairs of shoes than me.

I have the power to drop deeper and deeper into the sea of self-sabotage, or I can make a conscious move to head back up to the surface for an expansive breath of air.

From experience that first move is always the hardest.

It’s the decision to temporarily delete the social media app that is taking more than it’s giving.

It’s the first run after a lengthy hiatus.

It’s swapping the junk food dinner for a home-cooked meal.

It’s the thing that we know is good for us but requires us to dig deep to find the momentum to do it.

Let me ask you this. How do you want to feel?

Inspired, well, abundant, grounded, present, embodied, spacious?

Now work back from that. Think about what actions or mind-set shifts will help you move towards that feeling.

If you’re feeling dull, consider what you know gives you a surge of inspiration. It could be a painting or drawing session, perhaps a trip to a gallery?

If you’re feeling low what ways can you get your heart rate up for a top up of endorphins? Maybe a workout video, run round the park or trip to the swimming pool.

If you’re consumed by self-doubt try honing in on how you are speaking to and about yourself and change the tone from lack to fullness.

These things, the ones that don’t feel easy but we know are good for us, they are how we take a conscious step out of the mud of self-sabotage.

If we can muster up just enough mental strength to take the first step, then we’ve made the biggest one.

What little thing can you commit to today that will move you closer to how you want to feel?

As I wrote that 'I've got the power' started playing in my head. A motivational mantra if ever there was one!

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