remedies for a bad day

Bad days, they're a patch in the quilt of life.

Although we can’t control the curve balls, troughs and funks that come our way, we can decide to meet them therapeutically.

It’s not always easy I know.

Once we’ve weathered the storm of a bad day, it’s as though self-sabotage sees an opening to get its claws in – catching us when we’re at our most vulnerable. It calls our name and offers enticing solutions which, more often that not, end up making us feel even worse.

To derail self-sabotage in its tracks, we need to whack the self-care dial up all the way up to the max.

Here are some ideas for the days when your spirit has taken a beating.

Pick a few, experiment with them, trust that there’s something good on the other side of what can feel like an upward climb towards self-care.

  • Move you body - not to be underestimated, any form of exercise will give you a top up of the 'feel good' chemical dopamine, sure to shift at least some of the heaviness

  • Buy ingredients for a nourishing meal. Cook something you love and make it with the intention that you deserve to eat tasty, healthy, homemade food

  • Have a shower or bath and douse yourself in the nicest moisturiser or oil that you have - forget about whether you've been saving it for a special occasion, this is one

  • If you do that, put on freshly washed comfies or pyjamas afterwards

  • Write a list of things to celebrate. Think about the good stuff in your life, like relationships, things you’re proud of, character traits that deserve acknowledgment, anything from your day that went well - meet the things that feel like they're going wrong with those that are going right

  • Cosy up with a book you have been looking forward to reading

  • Immerse yourself in something creative like drawing, painting, baking, room styling, or create a new pinterest board for a dream space or destination

  • Settle down for yoga nidra - here's a free one online (lie down in a comfortable position somewhere you won't be disturbed for this)

  • Put your legs up against the wall. Resting is a really nourishing thing to do for yourself and 'legs up the wall' is particularly good for shifting your mood – you can do it with me here

  • Say to yourself:

‘I love you’
‘It will be okay’
‘You’re doing great’
‘I trust that good things are coming my way’

  • Get a hug from someone you love

  • Go to bed early and trust that the new day will bring a fresh perspective

  • Before you go to sleep show yourself some gratitude for the time and care you've given yourself

We can be dealing with such a lot at any one time and yet struggle to acknowledge this.

When it feels like we're failing or not good enough we're probably being very hard on ourselves.

Show yourself some compassion and tend to your humanness. Be radical with the care you offer yourself, you deserve it and only good will come from it.