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Sustainable Living

About the Course

A 7-week guided exploration of how to take a sustainable approach to living in general, for greater connection, joy and a way of being that supports longevity.

What does it mean to live sustainably? 

To me, sustainable living is approaching life in a conscious, connected and self-serving way. 

It’s day-to-day living that keeps an eye on longevity, respecting the ever-changing ecosystem and needs of our living, breathing human form.

It’s intentional living.

A way of being that seeks to embrace life’s peaks whilst developing resiliency to mindfully navigate its troughs.

It invites in greater joy, ease, space and alignment for thriving over surviving.

The course will spark an exploration of what sustainable living means to you and how it can manifest as a day-to-day lived experience.

You’ll delve into self-nourishment, energy, presence, the relationship you have with yourself, organisation and joy.

It will nudge you to try things out.

It will prompt you to ask yourself questions and experiment with new perspectives.

It will set you off on a path of discovery towards living in a way that supports you and your needs.

This is an opportunity to step back, take stock and reflect on what it is you want to cultivate in you life in a guided and supported way.  

How often do you get to do that?

This is your chance.

A beautifully curated course Clare. A journey for me that’s been both healing and revealing. I feel more in-tune with my world and more importantly myself than ever before. I’ve discovered a new way of living, a quiet confidence and sense of accomplishment by me for me but I couldn’t have gotten there without you.
— course participant
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What you’ll get

  • An introduction to and exploration of journaling as a therapeutic practise of self-enquiry and connection

  • Tips for developing new, more enriching habits

  • Ideas for how to bring about overarching change via your approach to day-to-day living

  • An introduction to energy bedrocks and an understanding of how to take a sustainable approach to honouring personal energy

  • Greater clarity around your relationship to rest and how to instil restorative yoga as a sustainable living bedrock

  • An introduction to mantras and how to incorporate them

  • Tips for creating a bedtime routine that serves your sleep

  • An alternative perspective to productivity being the pinnacle of human existence

  • Ideas for how to create boundaries for self-protection and greater presence

  • Reusable movement and rest resources

  • Inspiration for how to cultivate greater presence in your life

  • Practices for cultivating a more compassionate relationship with yourself

  • A framework to embed sustainable living in your weekly routine

  • Practical tips for how to use technology mindfully

  • An understanding of how to use gratitude to promote an inside out experience of abundance

  • Greater clarity around your relationship to joy

  • Tips for embracing and making more room for joy  

  • An introduction to the practise of ‘taking stock’ and how to implement it in your life

Your Investment

This is an investment in the quality of your day-to-day experience of life.  

The commitment you invest in the course will directly impact on what you get out of it.

To reap the benefits of the course you will need to make the choice to show up for it. But, this step of showing up, of walking into new ground is what holds such promise for transformation.

It’s the biggest, most important step.

It can be difficult to see how there would be enough time for another thing on top of everything else (I hear you), but consider whether you have time to invest in new tools that have the power to serve you over and over again.

Each week you’ll have writing explorations to complete, a video to watch (15-20mins) of me introducing the theme, some tasks to complete and a practise to do. You can put as much time into these as you like but I’d suggest a minimum of 2 hours per week for everything.

To lay the groundwork for a new habit you’ll be encouraged to take daily 5min breath breaks to stop, check in with yourself and tune into your breath.

Meeting resistance is a very normal part of stepping into new ground; throughout the course you’ll be encouraged to meet resistance and discomfort gently and with compassion.  

No forcing, no pressure, no guilt but the opportunity to make an empowering choice.

 What’s included?

  •  7 videos introducing the weekly theme   

  • Weekly writing explorations

  • Weekly practise tasks

  • Themed practise videos (either movement or rest)

  • Guided meditations

  • Further reading and resource recommendations

  • Sustainability tool-kit round up

  • Support from me as questions arise

I think it was just great to have questions that made me delve deeper into what I actually think about things. It allowed me to explore beyond what I normally touch upon in my regular journal entries.
— course participant
This course has helped me understand myself so much better - and having a structure to work through, even though I’m not a structured person, has been so helpful for exploring how I can live in the best way for me. Even the topics I hadn’t thought about before in those terms - like abundance - were so relevant and interesting and pulled together strands that I’ve been conscious of but not necessarily grouped in that way or acted on.

Having the mandate to spend time with myself, and be curious about what drives me (including questioning the discomfort of the parts I found harder) was so enriching and something I can keep coming back to when I need to make space for myself. I’m so glad I did this, and actually a little bit disappointed it’s over!!
— course participant
I think it was just great to have questions that made me delve deeper into what I actually think about things. It allowed me to explore beyond what I normally touch upon in my regular journal entries.
— course participant

How it came about

Sustainable living is something I’ve been personally cultivating for the last 5 years.  

I used to live a ‘I just need to get to Friday and then I can collapse / spend all my wages as a reward for getting through the week’ kind of life.

It didn’t make me happy.

I wasn’t present.

I was waiting to for the future to bring contentment.

It didn’t feel sustainable.

A big life event and a massive dollop of perspective later and I changed tact.

I started to see that I had a lot more power to steer the ship of my life than I once thought. 

Taking a more sustainable approach to living has alleviated my crippling anxiety and turned the abundance dial up massively.

It’s been really empowering to consciously decide how I want to live my life, to understand what’s important to me and to live by that.

I have a much clearer understanding of what I need to stay well physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I have become more skilled at staying in a dialogue with myself.

I’m much more determined to be.

I feel close to myself, present in my life and in a much more loving place.

Stressful times and dark days still come my way and I’m under no illusion that they won’t continue to, but I am much more able to make my way through them without being completely knocked off kilter. 

Life enhancing feels like an understatement.

Everything I share comes from my lived experience of honing a more sustainable way of life.


Brief Course Outline


  • An introduction to Sustainable Living

  • How to approach the course

  • Exploration of values and intentions


  • Self-care as a cornerstone of sustainable living

  • Exploration of existing resistance and barriers to self-nourishment

  • What self-care looks like in day-to-day life 


  • How honouring energy serves sustainable living

  • Exploration of energy bedrocks

  • Resistance to rest

  • Instilling rest as an intentional practise


  • Opening up a dialogue with yourself

  • Self-compassion as a sustainable living tool

  • Giving voice to your intuition

  • Exploring self-sabotage


  • Meeting ‘I don’t have time for this’

  • How routine and organisation can be used to transform intentions into lived practices

  • Creating a morning routine that serves you


  • Sustainable living and technology

  • Using mindfulness to meet distraction

  • Cultivating greater presence

  • How to create more space in your life


  • Taking an inside out approach to abundance

  • Making space for and embracing joy

  • Instilling a ‘taking stock’ practise for reflection and perspective 

I really do feel that I have a toolkit that I can now always refer to and add to forever. I’m looking forward to going back and repeating some of the exercises.
— course participant

How it works

For 7 Sunday’s in a row starting you’ll receive an email which will include a video introducing the weekly theme, writing exercises, tasks, a practise video and optional further reading for that week.

These can be done at whatever time suits you best.


Full price: £100

With the early bird discount the course works out as just over £12 per week.

Less than most drop-in yoga classes in London.

Less than 7-weeks worth of daily coffee shop bought coffees.

I’m happy to accommodate payment plans so get in touch if one would help.


To book your place email me at with a paragraph describing how you’re feel about your life at the moment in relation to sustainability.

I’ll send payment details directly to you.

Next intake: date TBC

To register your interest and be notified of upcoming course intakes email