Yoga & writing gathering

theme: creativity

Friday 25 January

An evening of moving and writing for self enquiry and embodiment.

Expect to explore both movement and writing practices for stoking your creative fire.


Where: Holdspace, Angel

Cost: £20

Book: email me to reserve your space

Yoga for Anxiety

Sunday 17 March


In this workshop i'll be sharing a collection of practical methods for managing and pacifying anxiety. We'll explore ways in which to cultivate grounding and settling by using mantra, breath work, physical yoga sequences and mindfulness practices that can be tested out and applied to daily London living. We'll also touch on the science of anxiety in order to greater understand why we experience it and how it's exacerbated.

The session will finish with a nervous system soothing restorative yoga practise to ground and calm for the week ahead.

Please note this workshop is not a substitute for professional advice. All content is based on my personal experiences of anxiety management.

Please bring a notepad and pen and a warm layer.

Where: Supply Yoga

Cost: £25


Move, Write & Rest

Sunday 31 March


“I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.”

– Joan Didion. 

Just as the mindful movement of a yoga practise offers a powerful way of cultivating awareness and a greater connection to self, so does the act of putting pen to paper. 

Writing doesn’t have to be something that’s done for others to see, it can be a practise solely for you; to release, reflect and reframe. 

Writing is a way of releasing concerns and ideas that might be swirling around in your mind onto a page that can be seen from a different perspective and therefore understood more deeply. Turning up to the page, like turning up to a yoga mat is a way of opening up a dialogue with yourself.

The session will start with an embodied movement practise to dive in, stir up and shake out before sitting down to explore some free writing and journaling practises. The session will end with an extended relaxation to let the dust from the day settle.

Yoga and writing are two very powerful tools in my self-care arsenal. They give me a sense of physical and mental spaciousness, help me offload, and cultivate a sense of even mindedness. They have also becomes creative outlets and bring me great joy. I can’t imagine allowing either to fall away. 

A medley of three space creating and connection cultivating practises.

This session is an invitation to experiment with moving, journaling and restorative yoga if you've yet to try any of them and an opportunity to enjoy them if you have. 

Please bring a notepad and a pen.

Where: Supply Yoga

Cost: £25