Yoga for Anxiety

Sunday 18 November


On Sunday 22nd July i'll be sharing a collection of practical methods for managing and pacifying anxiety. We'll explore ways in which to cultivate grounding and settling by using mantra, breath work, physical yoga sequences and mindfulness practices that can be tested out and applied to daily London living. We'll also touch on the science of anxiety in order to greater understand why we experience it and how it's exacerbated.

The session will finish with a nervous system soothing restorative yoga practise to ground and calm for the week ahead.

Please note this workshop is not a substitute for professional advice. All content is based on my personal experiences of anxiety management.

Where: Supply Yoga

Cost: £25

Book: here

Yoga & writing gathering

Friday 30 November


Spend the last Friday of the November taking stock of your achievements and learnings from the past 4 weeks and set some intentions for the month ahead.

The session will start with a movement practise to release holding and get into your body before we all gather round to write alongside one another.

I’ll be sharing different journaling technique that can be used to reflect and look ahead with intention.

For many, Friday evening acts as a bridge from the working week to the weekend. Come and make this transition a ritual that serves you.

The session will end with a soothing relaxation.

Where: Holdspace, Angel

Cost: £20

Ticket price includes my guide to developing a journaling practise ‘Write Like No One is Reading’.

Book: email me to reserve your space