23rd  JUNE

Join Nathalie and Clare for a day in the quiet and picturesque Kent countryside. A chance to step back, slow down and seek the compassionate wisdom that lies within you. 

In this space, you can reflect in an honest, loving way, in order to nourish and support yourself in day-to-day life.

We will re-frame ‘self-care’, letting go of overwhelming external ideas of all the things we ‘should’ do in order to be ‘better’, and instead explore the internal state that allows us to inquire about ourselves and our lives from a deeply caring place.

Our day will start with embodied Yoga with Nathalie, to ground, centre and expand. Followed by guided self-inquiry, group discussion, a home made lunch, time in nature and visioning. At the end of the day we’ll integrate all we’ve covered with gentle Yoga and Meditation led by Clare. 

Inspired by the nature around us, we’ll tap into the elements as a way to explore the range of needs we have in our lives, and develop an intimate conversation with ourselves about how we might meet them.

This mini retreat is a chance to reflect, get curious and explore possibilities that can’t be seen when you’re wrapped up in the day to day. Our aim is for you to leave feeling refreshed and inspired!


Saturday 23rd June 

9.30 - 17.30


Hever, Kent

Our retreat will take place in a bright and airy purpose built yoga space on a private family run property. 

How do I get there?

London Bridge to Hever takes 40 mins and is £12.60 return. 

Trains are every hour, and we’ll have a shuttle lift running from the station to the venue. 

We recommend arriving on the 8.07 train from London Bridge, getting to Hever at 8.49.

This allows time for everyone to get to the venue, have some tea and be settled ready to begin at 9.30.

The return train is at 18.05 and we’ll ensure everyone is at the station in time to catch this train, which arrives back into London Bridge at 18.53.



Includes lunch, teas and coffees 

(excludes travel

You can secure your space with a deposit of £50. The balance is due on June 1st. 

Spaces are limited to 10 people. 

To book a spot email:

cc (

About Nathalie and Clare

We are both London based yoga teachers who explore life through an open, curious and embodied lens, to evolve as humans, share our hearts along the way, and join with others on their own journeys. As teachers and students we seek to engage, grow and inspire.

We both share nourishing vinyasa yoga inspired by the nature and wisdom of the body, and Clare is also a restorative yoga teacher, passionate about the power of this practice. 



Date / Time



Feeling overwhelmed is a common experience and it isn't hard to see why. 

Modern living is fast and full.

On Sunday 22nd July i'll be sharing a collection of practical methods for managing and pacifying anxiety. We'll explore ways in which to cultivate grounding and settling by using mantra, breath work, physical yoga sequences and mindfulness practices that can be applied to daily London living. We'll  also touch on the science of anxiety in order to greater understand why we experience it and how it's exacerbated.

The session will finish with a nervous system soothing restorative yoga practise to ground and calm for the week ahead.





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Please note that this workshop is not a substitute for professional advice. All content is based on my personal experiences of anxiety management.


Yoga for Anxiety Testimonial

"During this gentle, relaxing workshop Clare reflected on the experience of anxiety and shared helpful strategies to deal with it, whilst providing plenty of time to try some of these. I left in a calm and reflective mood. This was immediately challenged, as I received a call from an angry teenage daughter, closely followed by a potential accident, as two drivers ran the zebra crossing I was trying to use. I felt the onset of stress but quickly took stock of my recent learning and was able to rise above it. 

Allowing myself the opportunity afforded by this workshop to reflect on my approach to managing day-to-day stress and anxiety has set me on the road to a more effective approach that I aim to continue building."




7-14 July


6-13 October

These weeks are hosted by Sardinia Yoga and are a very relaxed affair. I teach a 2 hours class each morning overlooking the sea then the rest of the day is yours to explore, lounge around, eat good food and drink, socialise with the group / not socialise with the group. Perfect if you'd like to combine a holiday with a bit of yoga.

Click on the link below to find out more.