Yoga for Anxiety

Sunday 22 July


Supply Yoga

Feeling overwhelmed is a common experience and it isn't hard to see why. 

Modern living is fast and full.

On Sunday 22nd July i'll be sharing a collection of practical methods for managing and pacifying anxiety. We'll explore ways in which to cultivate grounding and settling by using mantra, breath work, physical yoga sequences and mindfulness practices that can be applied to daily London living. We'll  also touch on the science of anxiety in order to greater understand why we experience it and how it's exacerbated.

The session will finish with a nervous system soothing restorative yoga practise to ground and calm for the week ahead.


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Please note that this workshop is not a substitute for professional advice. All content is based on my personal experiences of anxiety management.


"Hello – just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and got out of the anxiety yoga session and advice. I have started the morning writing and I really love it.

Am also telling all my friends to silence the self-criticism or at least counter it with ‘I’m glorious as I am’!

So – thank you, you are a really fab teacher x"

- Elaine

Firstly, I really really enjoyed the anxiety workshop! As you know, I’ve been suffering with anxiety for years, and it is getting better as I’ve got older… But it felt like a bit of a revelation when you told me to be sympathetic to the fear. Like, “Thanks for looking after me but I don’t need you right now”.

And the other techniques you mentioned about the para sympathetic nervous system and how to activate it. At times I’ve felt totally helpless and overwhelmed by panic. But now that I’ve got an actual physical task at hand (and not just breathing – I have tried that a million times!), it gives me comfort to know I have more control over that flight or fight feeling. So, thank you.

- Alice 

"During this gentle, relaxing workshop Clare reflected on the experience of anxiety and shared helpful strategies to deal with it, whilst providing plenty of time to try some of these. I left in a calm and reflective mood. This was immediately challenged, as I received a call from an angry teenage daughter, closely followed by a potential accident, as two drivers ran the zebra crossing I was trying to use. I felt the onset of stress but quickly took stock of my recent learning and was able to rise above it. 

Allowing myself the opportunity afforded by this workshop to reflect on my approach to managing day-to-day stress and anxiety has set me on the road to a more effective approach that I aim to continue building."

- Nicola

Move, sit, write

Sunday 30 Sep


Hold Space, Angel  



“I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.”

– Joan Didion. 

Just as the mindful movement of a yoga practise offers a powerful way of cultivating awareness and a greater connection to self, so does the act of putting pen to paper. 

Writing doesn’t have to be something that’s done for others to see, it can be a practise solely for you; to release, reflect and reframe. 

Through writing, thoughts, concerns and ideas that might be swirling around in your mind are given form and can be seen from a different perspective and therefore understood more deeply. Turning up to the page, like turning up to the yoga mat is a way of opening up a dialogue with yourself.

The session will start with an embodied movement practise to dive in, stir up and shake out, before sitting down with tea to explore some free writing and journaling practises.

Yoga and writing are two very powerful tools in my self-care arsenal. They give me a sense of physical and mental spaciousness, help me offload, and cultivate a sense of even mindedness. They have also becomes creative outlets and bring me great joy. I can’t imagine allowing either to fall away. 

You don’t need to have any writing or movement experience – these practises are for you!

£25 early bird price is £20 if booked before 15 Aug. 

Email to book. 


6-13 October


These weeks are hosted by Sardinia Yoga and are a very relaxed affair. I teach a 2 hours class each morning overlooking the sea then the rest of the day is yours to explore, lounge around, eat good food and drink, socialise with the group / not socialise with the group. Perfect if you'd like to combine a holiday with a bit of yoga.

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