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What is Gather & Grow?

Gather & Grow is a community circle for Yoga teachers fostering connection, collaboration and development. Open to teachers of all levels of experience, I started Gather & Grow in the hope that it would act as a well of support and inspiration for teachers to draw from and add to. From meet ups to get to know and check in with one another, to workshops hosted by guest teachers, Gather & Grow is about being part of something bigger, developing skills together and lifting one another up along the way. 



Meet up

Wednesday 4th October at 10am. 

Drop into mine for a tea, meet other teachers, talk about anything that's come up for you recently and ask advice/thoughts from the group. It's a super casual affair, you don't need to know anyone or prepare anything. If you'd like to come along email me and i'll send you further details


A Teacher’s Guide to Artful Assisting


with Caroline Tautz

Friday 3rd November, 2-5pm at Supply Yoga


Led by senior Yoga Teacher and Bodyworker Caroline Tautz, this 3 hour workshop is for yoga teachers and teachers in training looking to gain a deeper understanding of how to incorporate hands on assists with greater sensitivity and skill.

This workshop will provide an introduction to the following: 

  • A function over form approach to assisting. Clarifying the function of poses and how understanding what the function is acts as a guide for the intention to assist.
  • How to simplify your approach and give clear and meaningful assists.
  • The basics of standing poses, seated poses and some selected inversions including options for Urdhva Dhanurasana.
  • The basics behind the science of stretching and what actually happens when you give an assist.
  • Do's and don'ts of hands on assisting. Some guidelines and suggestions for sensitive assists.

The workshop capacity is limited to 12 people. 

About Caroline

Caroline Tautz is a yoga teacher and body worker with over 20 years of teaching experience. Originally a student of John Scott and in India, Sri K Pattabhi Jois, Caroline first came to the practice with a background in dance and Fine Art.

Training in diverse techniques over the years, her teaching and approach is inter-disciplinary, integrating Feldenkrais and somatic movement with playful, creative flowing sequences, to open the body and bring in awareness of sensation. Caroline is also a meditation teacher (through Swami Saradananda), and weaves the language of mindfulness into the physical experience.

Caroline’s adjustments and hands on work also bring into practice her understanding of anatomy trains from the work of Tom Myers, as well as the bodyworker's touch. She has studied in Finland at 'conscious living' ashtanga centre with Stefan Engstrom and attributes a big paradigm shift in her teaching approach to his work on 'anatomy of wholeness', which focuses on finding freedom and effortlessness in asana by understanding the gravity line in every pose. 

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