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According to the results of the Mental Health Foundation’s 2018 study on stress, 74% of people reported that in the past year they had felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope.

Fostering an open dialogue around stress and developing skills and tools to meet and manage it is a vital part of health and wellbeing in the modern world.

The workplace, being such a big slice of so many’s lives, and also often a hefty contributing factor in people’s experience of stress, makes it an ideal environment to open a discussion around mental health.

Investing in employee wellbeing promotes an environment of support and understanding, in doing so companies are saying ‘we believe mental health matters’.

As well as teaching regular yoga classes for several organisations I also lead interactive group sessions focused on sharing practical tips for meeting and managing stress and promoting well-being, in and out of work.

I reached out to Clare to help Vision Nine prepare employees for periods spent away from home working long hours on festival sites. Clare delivered three workshops for us and provided our employees with an understanding of stress as well as incredibly useful tips on how to reduce it in both work and home life. She delivered the workshops in a really accessible, humorous way and even managed to get the buy in from employees who previously had no interest in mindfulness, yoga or meditation! The workshops opened up the conversation around mental health & burn out and our employees now feel like they are able to speak up when they need help - thank you Clare!
— stress session testimonial

Here are some examples of workshops I have recently facilitated. This is to give an idea of content; all sessions can be tailored to meet specific needs and requirements:

45mins stress focus - includes:

  • understanding the science of stress

  • how to move out of the stress response into rest and digest mode

  • why rest is so important to our health

  • practical tips for reducing stress

  • breath practise and guided meditation for relaxation

  • hand-out to take home

60mins stress + self-care focus - includes all of the above +

  • introduction to self-care - what it actually encompasses and how it might look on a day-to-day basis

  • therapeutic writing techniques for meeting stress

  • how embodiment can boost resiliency (interactive)

90mins stress, anxiety + self-care - includes all the above +

  • practical tips for how to meet and manage anxiety

  • in session chair yoga practise focused on releasing tension and calling in calm

  • link to restorative yoga demonstration video to practise at home

yoga in the workplace

For corporate yoga booking enquiries please email with preferred timings and approximate class size so I can get back to you with a quote.